Monday, December 14, 2009

Arise, King

He normally did not sleep...

Elfangor had finally come to grips with the fact that he was no longer nocturnal. But even so, the idea of sleeping during festivities such as this was ridiculous. The sounds of music, the smell of freshly poured alcohol, and the cheers of men and women all around him of every race would be enough to lift the spirits of even a death knight.

"Kingslayers... pfeh..." Wiping some of the drool from his stubbled face, the night elf looked around. Song and dance and merriment all around. Yet none of it could wash away the horrors of the last few hours. Screaming souls, and the sound of a blade hitting the mutilated flesh of perhaps the most horrific behemoths the demon hunter had ever beheld. The raid upon Icecrown Citadel was not an easy victory, let alone the battle against the dreaded king himself.

Shaking his head, Elfangor burried his nightmares in the dwarven stout beside him. Next to him lay his bloodied sword and remnants of his armor. The Ashen Verdict had won and the safety of the world seemed assured. This was more than the demon hunter could ask for.


As he looked around, one familiar face seemed lost. One who should be celebrating more than any of the rest.

"Where is he?"

The realization dawned upon him like a hammer against newly forged steel. Rushing outside of the tent, his fears became materialized as Elfangor looked upon a set of tracks in the snow... tracks leading away from the light and merriment. Away from the hope tomorrow would bring. Away... and back to the terror that still loomed high in the sky.

"No... no, no, NO! GAN!!!"

Everything... everything he had ever imagined had led to this moment. The cold wind seemed to urge him onward. Closer... closer... closer. All his plans would now come to pass. The dark knight at last beheld the stairs to the great citadel.

There was beauty even in such a dark spectacle. All of Northrend was indeed very beautiful. Mortals and their wars would continue to scar the land... but no longer. With a smile, Ganoes Winterwolf ascended the stairs to the dark fortress.

The Lich King had the means, but not the right idea. His army and power would soon be Ganoes's. As he ascended the citadel a curious thought dawned upon him.

"It's time to take the future into my hands. The possibilities are limitless." His daughter would've thought so. Eve... beautiful young Eve. Everyone and everything he had fought for had perished in the terrible wars of this world. The damnable elf could not stop what would happen on this day.

The icy spire had crumbled and the body of the first Lich King had fallen away from the helmet. But Ganoes had seen where Arthas had fallen. Donned now in the dark king's armor, Ganoes moved closer to the fabled weapon Frostmourne. With his phylactery in one hand, the mad death knight reached for the sword in the other. His fingers had just touched the hilt-

"Ganoes!" The elf had come. Perhaps he was not as stupid as the knight had believed.

"You've come. Good. Perhaps it is best that at least you witness this."

"Don't do this, Ganoes. I know I've wronged you in the past, but if you take up that blade here-"

"DON'T tell me about what is best demon hunter. You could not understand." The knight's fist cleanched. "You tried to take her away from me.."

"Ganoes... "

"NO!" his voice echoed throughout the entire citadel. "I've heard enough. The time for half measures and talk is over. I will right the wrongs of this universe. The titans will bow to my might. You cursed mortals continue to inspire wickedness wherever you walk. The Alliance and the Horde are the same in this!" He grasped the blade. "I will bring my own order to this universe. And it starts WITH THIS!" Ganoes took up frostmourne only to find another sword against it. "So be it, Shadowfury. DIE! DIE WITH MY FAMILY!" The mad knight swung the sword quickly against the night elf.

Battle ensued across the citadel. The two blades clashed fiercly against one another until at last, the night elf's strength had faded.

"Your... s-soul... isn't... compromised... my friend..."

Ganoes laughed.
"That's probably one of the things I admired about you, Elfangor... your unfailing ability to try to see the good in others. But you're a fool."

Ganoes hadn't realized that he had dropped his phylactery in the battle.

"Then I'm sorry Ganoes..." Elfangor took a step closer to it. "But I must safeguard the world." In a flash, a fireball loosed from the elf's hand and hit the phylactery dead on.

With a scream of horror, Ganoes fell to his knees as if on fire. Watching, as his soul burned, Elfangor slowly stepped back and finally left the citadel. A tear fell from the night elf's bound eyes and froze as it hit the ground.

The flames eventually died out and only then did Ganoes stir. With a groan he used frostmourn to steady himself. Now they all would pay.

"I... arise... king..." the knight choked as he donned the Lich King's helmet.

((This is most DEFFINATLY not my best work. I wrote this rather hastily as I have somewhere to be atm. This is just the beginning of it all.))

Changes to this blog

Okay, this blog will now be the source for my fanfiction. Basically it revolves around my version of the future of the World of Warcraft... enjoy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

About Elfy...

This is a post regarding some of Elfy's strengths, weaknesses, and items he carries on his person at all times. After reading this you may now know a lot more about Elfangor, but don't assume that just because you read this you ICly can beat Elfy easily.

Elfangor is a Demon Hunter first and foremost. So he has the standard Demon Hunter abilities:

Mana burn: Burns mana and does a certain amount of damage per mana burned. Currently Elfy's mana burn is nowhere near as strong as it could be.

Immolation: Surrounds the Demon Hunter in a shell of flame.

Metamorphosis: Transforms him into a Demon. I'll go into detail about that at another time.

Being a Demon Hunter comes with magical arcane runes etched all along your body in curvy waves. Unlike other night elves, being a Demon Hunter also comes with hundreds of years of nothing but grueling weight training, and body building.

This is your standard Demon Hunter. Now Elfy isn't THAT muscular, but centuries of body building have made Elfangor one of the sexiest night elves in the world.

Elfy can also throw fireballs, but it takes him a lot of magical effort so he rarely does it. (Yes, I know I used to do that a lot back in the day, but not as much anymore now that I'm a better RPer).

However, unlike other Demon Hunters, Elfy is not blind. He wears the blindfold and has trained hard for many years to gain magical sight and adapted to using it when the blindfold is on. Thus, his magical vision will not be as good as another Demon Hunter's, but he still posesses it.

After Hyjal, he moved to the new World Tree of Teldrassil where he learned how to use a bow and how to tame beasts. He has a variety of spirit bound pets that he keeps in his service.

Sovar: His first pet, a lion.

Talos: A large kalimdorian hawk. Has the model of a dire raven.

Arrow: A wolf with the ability to change into different kinds of wolves with different colored fur depending on his mood.

With a bow, he can manipulate what magic he has to add an effect to his arrows, though this is rare. I.E. Arcane shot, explosive shot, frost arrow.

Elfy's stuff. To start off, he is now more accustomed to plate mail armor, though this took him some time. To make life simpler for himself, he carries an enchanted bag.

Bottomless Bag: An enchanted bag which, quite literally, is bottomless. Unfortunatly, only relatively small items can fit inside it so it's only good for storage of items like weapons, blankets, and tools. Elfy won this bag from an elven tailor in a drinking contest.

Quel'Serrar: His one handed signature sword that can be found with a shield. The prismatic Quel'Serrar forged by dragons has a special attack that can only be used once per day. The attack is one of five different kinds of attacks that have to do with the dragonflights.

Draconian Deflector: A small, dragon forged buckler. Nothing special about it. Elfy's standard shield he took from the treasure halls of Blackrock Spire.

Demonshear (x2): Duel two-handed swords he took from Stratholme recently during his escape. Swords are demon-forged.

Elfy's Dagger: An elven dagger dipped in the second Well of Eternity (the one under the world tree). The dagger glows with extremely powerful arcane energies. A stab from it would be enough to silence a caster for a few seconds. The downside is the dagger makes Elfy immensely easy to track via magic.

Alliance Claymore: Big-ass sword with the Alliance logo. Symbolic, nothing special.

Various Bounty Hunting poisons/gasses: Bits of poison and smoke bombs clipped to his belt. He will generally only use these for Bounty Hunting. Effects may varry.

Diamond Flask: While out in the wilderness he defeated a rock elemental duke. Begging for his life, the elemental vowed to grant Elfy a magical treasure of his own desire. Elfy wished for a potent magical elixir that would best suit him. The elemental granted him a flask crafted out of pure diamond with a potent elixir that contains alcohol, healing liquid, and steroids. (The actual diamond flask item increases strength by 75 and heals 91 damage every 5 seconds, but I took creative liberties with this item). As a bonus, the flask's magical properties would refil the elixir over the course of six minutes.

Adamantite wrist blades: In the set of armor he is currently crafting, inside the gloves are a pair of adamantite wrist blades that can be pushed out of the bracer area of the gloves. Being made of adamantite, the blades can easily cut through some of the densest metals. Wrist blades are part of the Gauntlets of Might so unless he is wearing those at the time, don't expect to see these.

Elfy's Spellbook: The same spellbook everyone has (It's where all your skills are listed). It contains all of Elfy's Demon Huntery spells as well as Firebrand's spells, however those are written in Eredun. Likewise, Elfy's are written in Darnassian.

Musical Instrument: An elvish instrument consisting of a large horn with several valves to change the pitch. The sound varies from the sound of a flute to the sound of a horn.

Being an engineer, he has many engineer-like items in his toolbox. Unfortunatly, he lacks the knowledge to use some of the greater engineering technology and almost always requires a manual or a guide to operate the big stuff.

Bombs: These... are bombs. Elfy has a few that he rarely uses.

Gnomish Death Ray: Again, another rare use. This divice runs on the life force of the person who uses it to fire a shot. Elfy doesn't like to use it cause it hurts.

Gnomish Shrink Ray: It's what it says it is. This is another one Elfy doesn't like to use because it often backfires.

Gnomish Net-o-matic projector: Yet ANOTHER gnomish divice Elfy doesn't like to use because it often backfires. It fires a net with hooks.

Gnomish Mind Control Cap: Elfy uses this more often than his other engineering products (which is still very seldom) but it often doesn't work because the cap "engages you in a mental battle with your target for domination over its mind"... and... well.... Elfy is Elfy after all.

Goblin Jumper Cables: These can be used to sometimes shock a dead person back to life. Doesn't work if the person's been stabbed or mutilated and whatnot.

Duel Rapiers: Pirate swords. Shining steel blades with pure gold hilts. Light reflects off the steel of the blades more than it would with normal steel. Sen'rai's old swords.

Fists: Some of Elfy's deadliest weapons.

Feet: Elfy's other relatively deadly weapons. Often used in combination with the fists.

Elfy's All-purpose remote: A marvel of engineering crafted for him by a gnomish scientist. The remote consists of a Gnomish Universal Remote with the power to control machines, buttons to control his flying machine, and various other engineering attachments.

Elfy's Flying Machine: A flying machine. Elfy plans to add stuff to it later.

Mechanical Squirrel: A naughty mechanical squirrel with a mind of its own. Built by the same gnomish engineer who built Elfy's remote to help him manage his engineering. Often the squirrel gets on Elfy's nerves and the nerves of everyone else around it.

Fishing pole: Divice used to capture fish and occasionally kill annoying people.

Parachute cloak: Elfy's cloak has a flexweave underlay so that when expanded it will break his fall if he is falling.

Mithril Shaving Razor: Weapon made of mithril. Cleans hair off of the face and occasionally cuts throats.

Elfy's Weaknesses

Mace-o-phobic: Elfy is utterly TERRIFIED of getting hit with a mace. In battle of he comes across an enemy who is using one against him, one of two things will happen. He will try to avoid the mace at all costs so his dodge rating will go up at the expense of his attack power, or he will try to get in deep and disarm the person with the mace.

If you're a good friend of Elfy's he will defend you till the end, often so at the expense of his own health. In large battle areas, he will move in to take a blow ment for someone in his good favor.

Elfy has a deep love for animals. He will not kill an animal nor suffer one to be slain in his sight... unless it's a rat. In most cases if he is up against an animal he will use what little Beast Mastery powers he has to calm the beast instead of fight it. He has even been known to leap in front of a fireball to save a bunny. "Oh it's people I can kill, I just can't harm a creature of the wilds."

Battle-rage: When using a heavy weapon in battle, he will often let his rage get the better of him. In some instances, he will put all his power into a single attack, thinking it will finish the opponent, but it will leave him open for a counterattack.

In large battle scenarios, Elfy can be very heroic. However, 9/10 of the time, he won't always know what's going on. He is Elfy after all.

Despite being a hardened warrior, Elfangor currently has little to no defense against incomming spells. He almost always freaks out when a Death Knight uses death grip on him.

Elfangor Shadowfury is completely, utterly, and totally gun-innept. If you give him a gun, he will always, always, always somehow end up having fallen on his ass. He may be an engineer, but all he really does is make guns. He doesn't use them.

That's it for now. Expect more eventually.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some old stuff...

This is a comic of an old RP parody me and Teleia (Sintas) played out of Pirates of the Caribbean. Tel was actually able to draw a comic of it too! Figured I'd grab it in light of the pirate RP going on. It's pretty straightforward. Elfy got stranded on a desert island for a month (My comp crashed). The extreme heat and nothing to eat but scorpion meat drove him to near insanity. Thankfully he had his rum. Then Tel comes to the rescue! ... or so Elfy thought.

I noticed you can't click on it to bring up a fullscreen view.!.jpg

Problem solved!

Thanks for the awesome drawing Tel!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The truth about the great sundering...

Once up on a time, Elfangor ate some garlic bread followed by some bean burito soup, then last year's turkey and some chicken wings. Then he had some rice and pudding, then ate some spare beef sausage soup. And then he had a sammich with letuice, tomates, ham, chicken, and steak (as only Elfy can). Then taking his sword he split a watermelon and ate the whole damn thing. After that, he had some trollish tacco's and lemmie tell ya, those things can fill ya up. Yet he was still hungry, so he ate some cheese.

Now granted, you'd need something to wash it all down. "Oh look!" said Elfy. "A big ol' lake!" He then proceeded to jump inside. Malfuion, Alextraza, Ysera and Nozdormu all looked in horror as Elfy bathed in the Well of Eternity.

Suddenly... a deep rumble was heard. Not from the ground nay! But from Elfangor's stomach. "Oh shit" said Elfy. "It's gonna be a big one."

"NOOOOO!" the others screamed, but it was too late. Elfy let loose and... well...

... it esploded. BOOM!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's your alignment?

Elfangor's character alignment: Chaotic Good

Elfangor's character alignment after taking the test (This is my personal alignment too):

Your result for The Alignment Test ...
76% Good, 70% Chaotic

Find out your character alignment at

Friday, December 19, 2008

To Northrend! (part 3)

Just then two great dragons landed behind Elfangor. Alextraza the queen of life, and her consort Korialstraz. The cries around Fordragon hold ceased momentarily and Elfy found himself at peace from Alextraza's preasence. His mind finally cleared. His violent whims dissipated. It was then that he saw Bolvar Fordragon's shield, the last twinkle of light upon a desecrated ground.
"Our fate is emblazoned upon our souls at birth. Bolvar's fall, while tragic, was unavoidable.
All that you can do now is honor your hero, Elfangor. Collect Bolvar's shield from the field of battle and return it to your king. When you present the shield to Varian, tell him this: "All is not lost. From the ashes of the fallen will rise a force that will unite nations and purge the evil from this world."
He mustn't lose faith. Go now, Elfangor. Your people need a hero. They need you." the Dragonqueen's words fell upon Elfangor like an endless sea of sorrow. Despite all he had fought for, all he had done, Bolvar Fordragon, hero of the Alliance, was gone. Taking up Fordragon's shield the night elven commander set sail back to Stormwind and a despaired Alliance.
It was only when Elfangor reached the Stormwind Keep did he realize. His mind had cleared at the wrath-gate, but a different realization donned upon him. It wasn't the scourge who had killed Fordragon... it was the forsaken! Outraged, he stormed into Varian's chamber, and told Varian everything. On that day, no street in Stormwind was quiet. Cries of outrage towards the forsaken could be heard everywhere! Finally, Varian called Elfangor back into the keep. "Prepare your armies Commander, the Alliance is going to war on the Undercity."